Falcon IOT

For an industrial company to surpass its peers and to foresee its future, it has to analyse its operational data, including machinery down time, preventive maintenance checks, operational throughput, labor deployment, real time machine data, real time field data etc. 

Insta OTT

INSTA OTT is a video streaming platform like Netflix and Amazon Prime. It is a mix of IPTV and OTT solution in which the user can stream live video and VOD in HD. A music only version of Insta OTT is Insta Music.

Matic Homes

Matic Homes covers automation and security products as a service to all homes. Our IPTV/OTT Solution provides ultra fast streaming in low speed internet and is Android STB compatible.

Indigene Smart tech

Covers meters, wearables and smart clocks.Smart meters – An electromechanical solution to gauge, monitor and report instantaneous water consumption. Can communicate over GPRS, Ultrasonic, LORA.

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Telemetry and loT

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Harsha Prasanna.,

B.E., M.S., MBA.,
Designated Partner

Raj Vignesh.,

B.E., M.S.,
Designated Partner

Suhas Kamath,

Investor and Managing Partner

Sudheesh Narayanan,

Knowledge Lens, USA

Dr Paramasivam,

B.E., M.E., Ph.D.,

Our Valuable Clients

Industries We Serve​

  • Aviation
  • Wildlife & Vehicle Tracking
  • Patient Diagnostics
  • Oil & Gas Mining
  • Production Monitoring
  • Dairy & Agriculture
  • Watch Industry
  • Smart Home Automation/Security

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