SAP Enterprise Business Applications - SAP Consulting Services

Dilogy leverages SAP applications and technologies to help clients build distinctive capabilities that drive high performance and quality execution. Dilogy has an excellent delivery center which delivers the good quality of SAP Variant configuration Implementation projects and knows what it takes to develop and deliver SAP-based systems that address an organizatio​n’s u​nique business needs. Our global delivery teams ready to work for any number of SAP Variant Configuration projects that help our clients exploit new technologies and drive delivery excellence. Dilogy provides the best people to help our clients get creative in driving business value from enterprise systems. 

Our comprehensive portfolio of offerings span the complete life cycle of SAP enterprise Variant Configuration solutions – enabling you to transform, enhance, gathering business requirements, GAP analysis, and preparation of Proof of Concepts for delivering SAP VC solutions and optimize. We work with you to develop, deploy, implement the VC solution and support it, delivering the results you set out to achieve.

SAP Services Offerings


  • Scoping Session to understand the Business need

  • SAP Solu​tion Prototyping​

  • ​​SAP Landscape Planning

  • Business Process Harmonization

  • Solution Strategy and Roadmap



  • End-To- End Implementation on VC Model

  • System an​​​d Data Migration

  • SAP Testing (FUT & UAT)

  • System Integration (Using IPC Configuration)


Post – Implementation

  • SAP VC Enhancement

  • Global Rollouts of VC models to other plants

  • Support

Dilogy SAP expertise spans both the functional and technical scopes of SAP. To list some of the integrated modules with Variant Configuration specialized expertise, it would include SD, PP, MM, FI, CO, CS Logistics and BI reporting and technically ABAP team to do the technical developments.

Delivery Model and Methodology

The Dilogy Global Delivery Model is our framework for efficiently and effectively delivering consulting and outsourcing solutions. It includes global delivery centers; multidisciplinary teams; and standard methodologies, tools and architectures that greatly enhance productivity, as well as ensure reliability. Dilogy approach to delivery excellence capitalizes on our multitude of experience implementing SAP Variant Configuration based solutions and our wealth of SAP specific repeatable methodologies and facilities helping return quicker business value for clients.

Dilogy is able to blend talent from local and remote locations to provide clients with the best of both worlds: service close to home, wherever they are located and flexible around-the-clock collaboration for large-scale support. Dilogy delivery methods for SAP are a project accelerator as well as a set of tested guidelines for delivering quality solutions. Our methods identify what needs to be done and how it can be best accomplished. To serve better with minimal cost effeteness to client Dilogy will delivers the extended support from offshore model.

Key Engagements

Dilogy can support its clientele across various verticals with a spectrum of services – consulting, end-to-end implementations, upgrades and support – helping customers derive optimal value from their SAP investments.

  • End to end SAP implementation for a leading manufacturing, Process and testing organization. This firm was expanding at a fast pace, with the addition of number of new customers, hundreds of new employees and the opening of additional sites. The previous ‘Excel’ based, uncoordinated departmental silos with multiple versions of the same truth was no longer working. The implemented SAP Variant configuration system (SD, PP, MM) has not only kept up with their current growth but is ready to handle further expansion as well

Dilogy Services



End to end SAP Variant Configuration Implementation.  Competencies in SD, PP, MM, CS, FI/CO, Logistics, and BI

  • Rollouts

  • End-To- End Implementation on VC Model

  • System an​​​d Data Migration

  • SAP Testing (FUT & UAT)

  • System Integration (Using IPC Configuration)

Upgrade Services

  • Upgrade Assessment Session and Deployment

Sustenance Services

  • Production Support; Functional and Technical

  • Maintenance

Other Services

  • Custom Application Development

  • Testing

  • Performance Engineering

Variant Configuration

Variant configuration is for manufacturing complex products in which customer determines the features of the product. Objective of variant configuration is to react quickly to customers’ requirements with correct price for their specification.
Here it needs not to create separate material for each variant of a product. When companies introduce variant configuration this often goes beyond a business process re-engineering project. Variant configuration offers an opportunity to restructure product structures for which then processes are defined. This has a direct impact to the core areas such as marketing and product data management.

Advantages of VC

  • No need to create separate material master for each Customer Specification. One material master will drive the different customer requirement.
  • Super BOM and Super Routing is enough for representing all possible Variants and Operations.
  • Able to react more flexible to customer demands with correct pricings.
  • Increased visibility of Cost at the time of Quoting
  • Able to identify the cost of the specification up front in order to change the customer price.
  • Increase Information exchange between sales, engineering and production.
  • Increase in quote processing time which will help the customer to create more quote and to get the Business.