Telemetry & IOT

What we do?

For an industrial company to surpass its peers and to foresee its future, it has to analyse its operational data, including machinery down time, preventive maintenance checks, operational throughput, labor deployment, real time machine data, real time field data etc. But harnessing all these from the root level is the challenge before us. FALCON is a versatile telemetry platform developed by Dilogy. It employs information technology to communicate with real real world happenings through sensors, actuators, machine data. With the power of cloud connectivity, it presents understandable ‘information’ from the data collected.

How we do it?

Falcon has brought together, operational processes and information technology for the benefit of augmenting operational efficiency. It also delivers data analytics for the cause of providing insights for industrial companies. Falcon is not just a product, but a toolchain, forming an integrated solution, with incredible levels of customisability and flexibility. The solution finds applications in various industries like Oil and Gas, food processing, agriculture, fleet tracking etc,. Falcon hardware is highly versatile, that it can be commissioned for any kind of telemetry, operational monitoring and SCADA purposes. As a combination of novice delighting software and hardware embodiment, falcon has elevated industrial internet to a higher level.

"We are engaged in research on better means of transporting machine data to analytics dashboard"

Dilogy Falcon is…

  • Hardware for SCADA, IoT, Telemetry, IoT & IIOT
  • Cloud Storage
  • Data Analytics
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Process Automation
  • Open APIs
  • Push & Pull Data from Cloud
  • Support for Third Party Analytics Application